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        Am I a candidate for pair voting (vote swapping)?

        You should pair vote if either:

        • You want to keep a political party from winning
        • You don’t feel that there is any point in voting for who you want, as the candidate or party has no chance of getting elected
        • You are tired of your vote not being represented in Parliament

        Doesn’t matter if you are in a swing riding or not. Those not in swing ridings can still be paired up with those in swing ridings.

        You can have an impact

        • 15,000 swapped votes can change which party becomes government
        • Our Goal: counteract the distorted results of the current voting system.

        Yes it is legal

        Elections Canada has clearly indicated that there are no legal issues with making an agreement to swap votes:

        “James Hale, a spokesman for the federal agency, said the act of encouraging someone to vote in a particular way is allowed under the Elections Act. It’s also acceptable for people to invite voters to participate in an organized strategic voting plan, whether on the internet or through other means, he said.” Click here for the full story.

        Do we have an agenda?

        Pair Vote exists to lessen the damage of our voting system which doesn’t deliver on voter intentions. The Greens should have representation. No party with less than 50% of vote should have majority control. These are our priorities to fix for this election. Vote swapping a mere 15,000 votes can control the outcome of a federal election. Through vote swapping, we the citizens of Canada can take back some of the power the established parties have kept for themselves.

        See what kind of impact we’ve had:

        2008 Final Report

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